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Beginner’s Makeup Bag Suggestions

Whenever you start wearing makeup for the first time, it can be very overwhelming. As a kid I thought I had to buy the most expensive makeup that all my favorite youtubers suggested... Not true. It takes a long time to find makeup that works good for you, it is all based on your personal… Continue reading Beginner’s Makeup Bag Suggestions

Budget Friendly Makeup, Makeup, Review

Nyx Total Control Cover Drops Review

So I've had this foundation for a while now and I initially loved it because it was the only cruelty free drugstore foundation I could find (at the time) that matched my skin. I am very pale therfore it is extremely difficult to find products that are even close to my shade, not even taking… Continue reading Nyx Total Control Cover Drops Review

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Misconceptions Monday: Blackheads

I'm back! Wow, I was on hiatus for awhile. Long story short, life happened and I had to take a break. But I'm here! If you don't know what Misconceptions Mondays are it is a series I have where I take a topic that a lot of people misunderstand and break it down. Now blackheads… Continue reading Misconceptions Monday: Blackheads

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How to Clean Makeup Brushes

It really bothers me when I hear people don't wash their makeup brushes at least once a week. I just imagine people rubbing their face on a table covered in dust and old makeup over and over again. Gross. But that is pretty much what your doing to your face everytime you don't clean your… Continue reading How to Clean Makeup Brushes

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My Everyday Makeup Routine ~ Cruelty Free

This might be a bit of a long post because I do aplly a decent amount of product everyday but it'll be mostly pictures. Like a long picture book. I won't be going to in depth on everything. I'm sorry that the pictures aren't super great quality. I couldn't find good lighting, had an hour… Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Routine ~ Cruelty Free

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August Favorites 2017 ~ Cruelty Free

This August I didn't wear a ton of makeup just because I wasn't going out that often. But I can tell you what beauty products I loved using this month. I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet for you guys (probably won't happen but whatever). So if you want to hear about… Continue reading August Favorites 2017 ~ Cruelty Free

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Fixing Broken Powder/How to Press Powders

If you have had a broken powder you might have just thrown it away. The good thing for us cheap girls is that fixing broken powders is super quick and easy! It's also not that expensive at all! All you need is your product, a bowl or cup, some rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle/dropper, a… Continue reading Fixing Broken Powder/How to Press Powders

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Top 10 Under $10 ~ Cruelty Free

I love cheap products. I am super into saving money where I can. I also like to be able to go to stores and (for the products I know I use often) get back ups and I can't do that with expensive products. I am a 17 year old kid in high school that has… Continue reading Top 10 Under $10 ~ Cruelty Free

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Tinted Moisturizers ~ What? Why? How?

There are a lot of questions about tinted moisturizers. What are they? How are they different from foundations? What's the difference between them, BB, CC, and DD Creams? Don't worry you'll get all this and more answered in this single post. First things first, what are tinted moisturizers? The way I explain it is they… Continue reading Tinted Moisturizers ~ What? Why? How?

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Misconceptions Monday: Oils in Skincare

If you don't know Misconceptions Monday is a series where I inform you of misconceptions people often have about skincare and makeup. There are a lot of falsehoods in the cosmetic industry and I just want to inform you of the truth. These will be super short too, that way you can get lots of… Continue reading Misconceptions Monday: Oils in Skincare