Beginner’s Makeup Bag Suggestions


Whenever you start wearing makeup for the first time, it can be very overwhelming. As a kid I thought I had to buy the most expensive makeup that all my favorite youtubers suggested…

Not true.

It takes a long time to find makeup that works good for you, it is all based on your personal preference. Makeup is personal, it is your body after all.

Don’t let beauty trends sway you either, wear the type of makeup you like. Unless you think it’s beautiful not everyone has to look like an Instagram makeup artist.

Before you start, look up different makeup styles (natural, Instagram, no makeup makeup) choose the style you like the most, and start buying products you will need to achieve that look. Start small and then start growing, to see how much you like makeup.

You can get one of everything I’m about to mention for less than $75 so this post is broke person friendly, plus everything is Cruelty Free so go ham.

Let’s start with the eyes first.



Nyx Warm Neutrals Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette (.46 Oz $17.99)

I love this palette. That’s all you need to know.

Just kidding but out of all my drugstore and high end palettes, this is probably my most used. The price may look a bit steep for drugstore but if there is anything I would spend money on, it’s eyeshadows. Almost all of the high end makeup I have bought has been eyeshadows, if that tells you anything.

One of the resons I chose this is because it is great for all eye colors. The oranges compliments blue eyes, the red compliments green, and most colors look beautiful with brown eyes.

Not only that but it has so many shades and there is a good medium between matte and shimmer. This is nice because you don’t have to dip into other palettes.

Plus, the formula is amazing. All the colors are so pigmented and blend super easily. This is great for beginners so if you want a palette to start on, this is the one.


Essence Gel Eyeliner (0.1 Oz. $3.99)

I highly suggest learning on gel eyeliner because it is super easy to use. With gel eyeliner you get the prescision of a pencil and the lasting effect of a liquid eyeliner. In the end it’s a happy medium.

This formula in general is great for an eyeliner. It is super dark and very matte, which is what most people prefer. Plus it is very long lasting so as a beginner you won’t have to touch up throughout the day, which is nice.


Essence Volume Stylist 18hr Curl & Hold Mascara (.4 Oz. $4.99)

I bought this after my last mascara expired a couple weeks ago, but I swear by this now. This makes me look like I am wearing false eyelashes, no joke.

If you curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara, it holds your curl, true to the name. This is just a beautiful black color and makes your eyes look gorgeous, I would recommend this to my best friend it’s so great.

Now that we’ve got everything for the eyes, let’s get on to the face.



Nyx Concealer in a Jar (.21 Oz. $4.99)

The reason I have two concealers is because I highly suggest one for blemishes on the face, and one for the under eye/highlighting.

This concealer is for blemishes and it really covers. The formula is a bit thick but for covering small areas that’s fine, especially with how pigmented this is. This covers any redness you have really well.

I also use this as an eyeshadow primer because it covers my veins, making my eyeshadow POP! But it also makes your eyeshadow last much longer, hitting two birds with one stone.

Nyx Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand (.11 Oz. $4.99)

If you’ve followed me for awhile you have probably heard me talk about this before, it is just a great under eye concealer. This is super lightweight and comfortable. The conealer doesn’t crepe under the eyes so if you have problems with that, here you go.


As for a drugstore primer, I would just use a moisturizer. I wouldn’t get to mixed up with primer because it can get very complicated. Getting a good primer that works well with both your skin type and foundation can be a bit difficult.

But most oil free moisturizers work so I would just use your every day product to prime your skin.


Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation (1.0 Oz. $5.99)

I’ve owned this foundation for so long and it is one of my favorites. First things first is it applies beautifully to all skin types. I have used this foundation on plenty of other people and it just blends gorgeously on the skin.

Plus it comes in a ton of different colors, yeah it can come with more but if you struggle with foundation shades, this is a good foundation to look at. For a drugstore face product it comes in a decent amount of colors.

Not only that but if you have to get photographed, it doesn’t give you flashback. I will definetely be wearing this on Homecoming tomorrow.




Wet n Wild Megaglo Contouring Palette (.44 Oz. $4.99)

Although I don’t suggest contouring for any makeup beginners, if you really want to, this is your palette. It is super soft and easy to blend but be careful it gives a lot of kickback.

This is also great for makeup newbies because it’s not to pigmented on the face. Usually pigment is great but for face products it can be super easy to mess up, it often can look like a stripe on the face. So this product is easy to use and doesn’t look crazy! Yay!



E.L.F Powder Blush Palette (.14 Oz. $6.00)

The reason I love these blush palettes is that they come with so mant colors, and aren’t super pigmented. As I said before pigment isn’t too amazing for some face product, mainly blushes and contouring products.

These are also super blendable so you can get a soft, more natural look, but are buildable if you need more pigment.

Plus these palettes come in two colors (or I guess 8 shades) so it’s both pale and dark girl friendly.



Essence Pure Nude Highlighter (.23 Oz. $4.49)

This highlighter is good! This is such a popular drugstore highlighter because it is just so beautiful. This product is adjustable so you can get a more natural glow or a strong metallic highlight.

This is perfect for any look.


Milani Prep + Set + Go Transparent Face Powder (.24 Oz. $9.99)

This powder may be expensive for the amount of product you get but it lasts longer than you would think. I use this as an all over face powder and it’s lasted me months. I love this because it is long lasting, mattifies the face really well, and doesn’t give flashback.

I specifically chose this product because it works so well and doesn’t give flashback. The product in general just doesn’t make you look crazy or fake.



Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Liquid Lipstick ($6.00)

I have talked about this product before in my Top 10 Under $10 post and it is still a favorite. If you want a comfortable lipstick that is long lasting this is beautiful. This trully feels like pillows on your lips which most matte lipsticks don’t.

The only thing I would say is it take about 20 minutes to set but it dries between the time I apply it and the time I get to school so I don’t mind.

It also comes off when you eat which I don’t mind for everyday because the comfort outweighs the slight inconvenience.

Those were the products I suggest for beginner’s, was it helpful for anyone? If you have used these products please comment down below with your experience. Thank you for reading my post and if you like it please like this post and share it with your friends.

~Have Fun Cosmetic Unicorns~

PS: Sorry this post went up so late, I got a kitten today and so I didn’t have much time to work on this. If you want to see pictures of my baby kitty you can check out my Instagram, the link is below.



2 thoughts on “Beginner’s Makeup Bag Suggestions

  1. The Beauty Stage says:

    i need that wet n wild foundation and contour palette! elf is amazing i loved their bronzer/blush duo needa try their blush palettes! lovedd this post, super informative and loved how you provided links!


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