Misconceptions Monday: Blackheads

I’m back! Wow, I was on hiatus for awhile. Long story short, life happened and I had to take a break. But I’m here! If you don’t know what Misconceptions Mondays are it is a series I have where I take a topic that a lot of people misunderstand and break it down.

Now blackheads are something that a lot of people have been lied to about, so I will try to explain what they are and how to deal with them to you as quickly as I can.

Blackheads are small, usually dark, bumps that appear when your pores get clogged.A lot of people get blackheads and whiteheads mixed up but the biggest difference is the color (true to their names) and whiteheads are under the skin while blackheads appear on top of the skin.

These dark bumps are caused by clogged pores, like most breakouts. This can be from using heavy products on your skin or even if your skin is producing excess sebum (or oil). Because of this oily skin is affected the most.

A lot of people believe blackheads are caused by dry skin and whiteheads are caused through excess oil, which isn’t true. Both are caused by clogged pores, so any skin type can get them, some skin types are just more prone to a breakout.

In order to prevent a breakout use a clarifying cleanser on your face once a week, or use a glycolic acid toner every night. This will gently exfoliate your skin and clean out your pores. Don’t do this to often because you may dry out your skin which causes it to produce more oil, making the problem even worse.

There is one way to treat blackheads that won’t harm your skin and that would be going to an esthetician and getting extractions. They can remove blackheads safely and have been trained to do so, never try to extract breakouts yourself. Often times you can damage your skin trying to do this.

Another false treatment is pore strips. These are really damaging to the epidermis, can damage and often enlarge your pores, along with it’s ability to damage blood vessels under the skin. Plus, it usually doesn’t work that well, so don’t take the risk.

Please like and share this post if you enjoyed it and tell me your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Plus comment what other “misconceptions” in makeup you think I should talk about.

~Have Fun Cosmetic Unicorns~


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