How To

Speed Up Your Morning Routine


What everyone wants is to be able to sleep in a little longer. Getting up in the morning is very difficult for a lot of people. Personally I love to have thirty extra minutes to just drink some tea and wake up. So here are some things to make your morning just a bit easier.

IMG_0605First things first I would move some of the stuff you do in the morning to the night before, if you can. Start showering at night instead of first thing in the morning. That will shave a lot of time off of your morning routine.

Along with showers you can pick out an outfit the day before. If you’re like me and spend ten to twenty minutes (if I’m not being picky) choosing an outfit, doing this at night will relieve a bit of anxiety. Just place the items in your bathroom for when you’re done with your makeup and skincare.

If you don’t like to eat out for lunch or hot lunch if you’re going to school, pack a lunch the night before! Making a lunch takes me about ten minutes so doing this the night before and sticking your lunch bag in the fridge, you can just grab your lunch and run out the door. Take it from ten minutes to one.


When your packing your lunch you can also pack your backpack or purse. That way when your running out the door you don’t have to find everything to put in your bag. Personally I lose my keys and phone often so doing that takes forever. If you lose stuff like I do I suggest getting a Tile. I’ve ended up saving money considering I used to lose my keys every month.

Start learning how to do very simple hairstyles that are speedy but still look good. You can braid your hair the night before, put it in curlers, or just go natural. My favorite quick out the door hairstyles are a messy bun and a french braid. I also love my natural hair but I usually have too much of a ponytail bump to pull it off.

Now in the morning choose a very light breakfast to eat that does not need a lot of preparation. Some of the best you can eat are fruits. I love eating a banana for breakfast or chopping up a grapefruit. It’s quick, easy, and there is not a lot of clean up needed.

I just put on some sunscreen and a light layer of setting powder (so my face won’t get oily throughout the day).

If you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup in the morning, don’t wear it. If you only wear light makeup for everyday it will speed up your routine. Your skin might thank you for it too.

Don’t let yourself get distracted! I love to listen to things in the morning. I used to put on videos but have switched to podcasts. When I’m not getting distracted by flashy colors I get things done faster. You will probably have an easier time keeping your attention on getting ready if you make the switch. My favorite one to listen to is Philip Defranco’s old Podcasts, they never get old for me.

All of my skincare is in certain places, so in the morning I know exactly where I need to go.

A way you can really keep everything quick is keeping everything organized. If you have certain spots for everything you won’t be running around in the morning like a chicken with your head cut off. Once you find your rhythm keeping everything organized will cut a lot of time off your routine.

With these tips you should shave off a ton of time from the stuff you have to do in the morning. Now you will have more time to sleep, chill out, or if you are like me and sometimes “forget” to do your homework that night, you can do it in the morning! Use your time wisely.

~Have fun cosmetic unicorns~



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