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Beginner’s Back to School Makeup Tutorial ~ Cruelty Free and Drugstore

Since school for some people will be coming up soon, or you might already be in school, I thought I would make a super quick and simple makeup tutorial for those of you going back to school. I tried to make this tutorial useful for everyone. This makeup is optimal for fast and easy use, and for those who love to apply makeup. It is really simple for everyday.

But before you do any makeup, I highly suggest having a skincare routine. It can be really minimal, but I would check out any of my past posts for a start. I also encourage looking at my skin types post for help; however, before you apply any skincare, put on some sunscreen first, as it will help protect your skin from aging. My personal favorite is the First Aid Beauty Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer because my skin does not break out as much to it compared to other sunscreens. If you’re going anywhere where there is flash photography for photos, don’t use SPF; your face will literally show up white. So make sure to skip this step on picture day!

I do my eye look next because I tend to mess up on eyeliner a lot and it is easier to clean up when you don’t have foundation on. If you’re a beginner and tend to smudge mascara and eyeliner, I would do my eye look first.

In order to prep your eyes for eyeshadow, put concealer on your eyelid and under eye. For those of you with red or oily eyelids this will both reduce redness for a blank canvas and help keep eyeshadow on throughout the school day.

The palette I will be using is the Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm. All though this is expensive for drugstore it is definitely worth the investment. You get a variety of colors to compliment many different eye colors. First, take a big fluffy eyeshadow brush and an eyeshadow color that is close to your skin tone and apply it all over the lid. I’m using the third color in the palette. This will help the other two colors blend.

Next, take a shadow color two or three shades darker than that and place it in the crease and slightly in the outer corner of your eye Use a blending brush that is a fluffier but smaller so you can concentrate it in certain areas. I am using shade number five; it is a nice color for pale skin tones. After that, take the big fluffy brush from the previous color and take out the excess and blend the darker color. This will help lighten everything up if the color is too strong, and ultimately this will help create a soft and natural look.

Now take a shade slightly darker than the last one and place it in the outer corner and crease. Use a dense fluffy brush that is very compact in order to be more precise in the outer corner; this will help give the eye more depth. I used the eighth color in this palette. Now, repeat the end step from before and fluff this out with the big fluffy brush to help bring the softness to the eye.


Eyeliner is optional for this look, but to appeal to everyone I decided to not apply it. I don’t suggest heavy eyeliner for hooded eyes, people with monolids, or people who wear glasses. But if you like eyeliner, wear it! I don’t suggest wings for beginners, but I do find it best for most eye types.

Now the step I truly believe transforms your face: mascara! This is one of my favorite steps because it brings everything together. For the upper lashes I use the No 7 Dramatic Lift Mascara. I like to use the Wet n Wild Megalength Mascara for the lower lashes because the brush is thin, and the bristles short; therefore, it does not hit the lower lash line as much.

For a very natural look I love the Nyx Mineral Stick Foundation; it truly covers up without making your skin look fake. You really need to set this foundation though, otherwise it breaks apart badly. If you want a bit of extra coverage, you can use the Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation or use a concealer, such as the Nyx Hd Studio Photogenic Concealer. For the stick foundation use a brush, as the beauty blender picks up too much of the foundation, taking away the coverage and wasting our money! We are broke teenagers, we want the product to stay on our face!


Next, I would apply a very natural blush. My favorite is a liquid blush so you would apply this before any powder. I love the Nyx Whipped Lip and Cheek Souffle. Just dab a little and tap it across the apples of the cheeks and cheekbones for a tight and fresh look. The natural look of it keeps up the soft appearance.


Next, I apply a light pressed translucent powder so the powder products I will apply to my face next blend better. My favorite is the Milani Prep + Set + Go as it does not make your face look powdery. It somehow doesn’t make your face look completely matte even though it’s a powder. It’s practically powdered magic.

In order to keep the soft look we’ve got going on, you don’t want apply a heavy highlighter. The Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana is the perfect natural highlight for pale skin. It just gives the most subtle glow that doesn’t make you look fake. This is perfect for subtle looks.

In order to keep all the hard work we did in place throughout the school day you’ll want to set it with a setting powder. My personal favorite is the E.L.F Setting Powder in Sheer because it is cheap and works so you’re makeup doesn’t move. It doesn’t make your skin feel super powdery but keeps it matte if you have oily skin like me.

After you set your face and you’re going out the door you’ll want to apply a nude lipstick or balm that is comfortable on your lips. Choose your favorite formula and enjoy your classes while looking fantastic! If you want a start, I personally love the Hard Candy Liquid Mousse Matte Lipstick in Forget Me Not.

Here you can see the finished look. It even works with glasses!:


Did you like this type of post? Do you want to see more back to school posts? Comment down below!

~Have fun cosmetic unicorns~




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