About Me

Hello! First thing’s first I am going to just thank you for looking at my blog. Whoever you are, I’m glad you’re interested in looking at my work. To have someone just be interested in what I have to say is crazy! I do have to thank you for being here before anything else.

Just so you know, I am a cruelty-free (I do my best!) beauty blogger that specializes in affordable, budget friendly makeup and skincare. I want to show people (apprentices or veterans to make up) different tips, tricks, and ways to make your makeup look good and taking care of your skin on a budget.

Something to keep in mind is that makeup and skincare are so personal! People’s skin reacts differently to everything, and everyone has a different way of applying makeup. I am not the end all be all (I used to think that I HAD to use what beauty bloggers use, not true). I just want to give people a starting point to launch off of.

I know it’s hard to find makeup and skincare on a budget, and it’s REALLY difficult to find cruelty-free products on a budget (especially skincare). I live in a small town and there are about three cruelty-free makeup and skincare brands available, it’s bad. I am here to tell you the products I’ve found that I like. I can’t really read everyone else’s minds so I have to use my own personal preferences as a starting point but at least you’ll know I’m invested!

I’m also a broke teenager that doesn’t have a job so if anyone knows how to save money, it’s me! If you also want tips on getting high-end makeup on a budget, I do that too!

This blog is not just strictly drugstore. Or just strictly budget videos, there will be lots of how-tos on products, how to apply them and what kinds to pick (like pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliners, and liquid eyeliners). I know I have lots of friends who want to learn how to do makeup but don’t know where to even start. Reviews don’t help if you don’t know if it’s for you! So I’ll help people find themselves and their style.

This is m cat, he’s part of the unicorn family too!


Another thing that’s interesting about me: I’m a huge nerd. My favorite video game franchises are Fire Emblem and Pokemon. I love Marvel movies (Thor Ragnarok? I am hyped!) and own most of them. Baymax is the cutest little superhero on Earth (in the movie, look him up in the comics, he is NOT a cute nurse robot). Attack On Titan is the one show I can watch a hundred times and never get tired of. AND if you were to ever to get me talking about Marvel movies, video games, or history, I will talk your ear off. So beware, there are some nerd tutorials coming up soon.

Some may ask: Why a unicorn? And it’s not because it’s super mainstream and everyone loves unicorns (I mean love unicorns), my nickname is Unibby, which is my name Gabby mixed with Unicorn which makes Unibby. My freshman year I really embraced the unicorn because they represented something special, and a certain uniqueness I didn’t see in any other creature. I kind of needed something at the time that really represented individualism as I got bullied often for being that annoying freshman. My boyfriend at the time came up with the nickname Unibby and it’s been stuck with me since.

If you ever have any questions about me or just want to talk I have a contact page listed in my menu! And trust me, I will respond. I love hearing from people on my blog!

*Don’t be afraid If I ever use a product that isn’t cruelty-free to call me out and I’ll research your claims and make a note on my post, I try but I am not a perfect unicorn*